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joie de la vie

le joie de la vie, it's an interesting thought. the awesome idea of just enjoying life, taking in all the little details of the things that pass us by, usually unnoticed. after talking about this with peers my mind wondered to this past summer. i was able to spend a week by myself in dublin, ireland: the motherland. with the ability to sit, watch, walk, see things on my own time line and own agenda i got to fully experience this sense of joie de la vie. as the week passed by my understanding, appreciation and need of this theory increased greatly. it all culminated on the second to last night of mine in the city. i was escorted around town by a couple musicians i have meet at a pub crawl the night before. i got to have an authentic experience of something that the irish hold dear...the pub and musical culture. yes, the pub. now, i have to explain first the difference between the "irish" and the irish pub. the irish pub as americans see it is a bunch of drunken fools playing violins and pipes jumping a round in riverdance steps, fists hurling and guinness flowing like milk and honey. even though this is be true (in some cases), the authentic pub is a close and intimate space to find a sense of community, music and a worry free atmosphere. the pub is the town living room. one step in, and you are in someone's home. now these are not in temple bar and the touristy parts of town, but if you hop a bus even 5-10 minutes out you step into a whole new place and into the hearts of the country's people.

once back in the states, i tried to take this sense of "joie de la vie" to a practical level. with school and work, tv and media the world get overwhelming fast. but, if we can filter our personal consumption and fill our lives with friends, laughter, and love (corny again, i know) it's easier to remember what truly matters in life, and we are certainly better off for it.