February 10, 2008

love and murder...what?

thankfully i did not get sick from griffin on friday again. i am confident the bug has pasted, but i am still sticking to gatorade (a nice step up from water) and little bowls of oatmeal. this past weekend have been slow on the real consumption level but big on the abstract, it has been picked up. after my day with the little buddy, i was whisked away to a yacht my monte carlo. it is not as extravagant as you think, in reality 8 of use we headed to prior lake for a murder mystery party, "the grapes of frath." my character, bella donna maria cossa, was an up and coming opera singer who was an illegitimate child of the murdered party. it was a great game. (i highly recommend it for anyone who likes to get in to things or just have fun.) it was also exciting for two reasons: 1) i got to see my friends dress up in ridiculous outfits and play interesting characters in the game; 2) i got to meet a couple new people of whom i didn't really know. like i have previously stated the time spent with others is a great way to consume the environment surrounding you. just a good time with people i care about. this evening did get me thinking though. it all felt very grown up and old. i grew up with my parents throwing these types of parties so i could help but think of them. this made me feel very old. all of these thoughts of "old" and "grown-up" lead my mind to the realities of graduation, moving on, and in general the little things i take for granted as a college student: essays get traded for accounts; advisor meetings are switched to 401K plans and financial investments; even week-night plans are changed to getting to bed early for work the next morning. i gave myself a big helping of reality which lead to a little investigating to my housing for next year and some work on my portfolio. the job hunt should be starting soon.

saturday i was treated to dinner and dancing my the gentlemen of campus crusade here on campus. it was a fabulous dinner and who can beat dancing? it will be the last of four for me. and i'll miss coming next year, which only added to me feeling old. but the real treat was when my friend of 22 years told me she would be soon getting married to another one of my good friends. after the shock wore off, and i was helped off the floor, i felt nothing but joy at the idea. to celebrate we busted out some fancy licorice, our favorite snack. this news would bring my total wedding count/engagements for the year to: 4. i just hope it stays there, i don't think i could stomach and more.