February 17, 2008

hostess with the mostess

we threw an engagement party for anna and matt today. so, kim and i have been in the kitchen from 10am to 11pm. we had:

-homemade pizzas, five of them, all different
-taco dips
-salsa dips
-pasta salad
-fruit dip
-homemade biscotti
-homemade cupcakes
-homemade brownies.

not to mention, about 25 people. it was all worth it thought. all the money (more than expected), time (at least three full days) and headache (just cashed out at the every end) put forth to execute this was all worth it.

we played shower games like a wedding dress out of toilet paper, who knows the couple the best, and then a little slide show. again, the chance to spend time with people i care about takes priority over almost anything. it's not only a way i recharge, but a way to show others i care. i will always be a consumer of giving care, love and hospitality.