February 7, 2008

no consumption for me...

this week has been very anti consumption. more for reasons known as: the flu. if i consume...ya, we all know it ends up in revers. but...i got to consume a big does of family responsibility, and the hospital gave me some sweet saline and other fluids (of which were unconsumed very quickly on the curb on the er) but...let me recap:

sunday: chruch, couple cups of coffee, dinner at brothers, time with griffin (the nephew, and the flu carrier)

monday: call from sister-in-law, "you need to take me and griffin to the hospital." both throwing up, to say the least. spent the day of the fairview hospital north of blain. my brother had to meet with clients all day, so i got the play family for the day.

monday cont: 7pm, call from brandon (my brother), "kels, i've started to get real sick, and sandra and griffin are staying at the hospital. i might need you to take me later tonight." thankfully he didn't ne a ride, but i sure did...
12am: the flu strikes
2am: trip the the er
7am: sent home (but still throwing up)

tuesday: dead to the world, only awake for about half hour total, only a couple sips of water.
wednesday: only half dead to the world, pale as a ghost, and completely unable to comprehend anything
thursday: actually got to try some crackers today, but then i was spent.

good news: griffin was ok and out of the hospital along with sandra, and brandon got hit the lightest.

oh family...i'm babysiting the little one tomorrow. we will see how this goes.