Secretary of State nomination of Susan Rice proves controversial

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President Obama's nomination of UN Ambassador Susan Rice has caused many key Republican leaders to speak out, according to the Baltimore Sun. Most of the objections to her nominations relate to her interviews after the September 11th attack on the embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

Immediately following the attack, Rice was interviewed by a variety of news outlets, but had been assumed to be speaking according to a prescribed set of talking points. According to the Star Tribune, as more details came to light, it seemed that much of the additional information she had provided was false. According to NBC, many are also accusing Rice of being responsible for many security failures in Africa while she served in the State Department as head of the African region. A series of events, like the 1998 bombing of two other embassies.

Ruth Marcus, columnist for the Washington Post, believes there are subconscious gender-based objections coming into play as well for some of the primary objectors. She quotes Rice's colleague David Rothkopf called her "hard-headed and prickly," but added, "The nonsense that she is somehow not qualified for the job is indefensible. . . .As for her temperament, raising it is pure sexism. Why is she called abrasive, when clearly, similar toughness was hailed in our most powerful and respected secretaries of state -- from Henry Kissinger to George Shultz to James Baker?"

With the looming "fiscal cliff," the controversy around this nomination has even broader implications, according to the Baltimore Sun. Not even into his second term, the president is being forced to exercise the already limited "political capital" for a nomination that has never before been such a point of division between the parties.

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