Analysis-Large Data Sets: Twilight of the Twinkies

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In this article from the Economist, the author examines the afterlife of the Twinkie. With the Hostess company in bankruptcy, the world supply of Twinkies has reached the edge; from this time on, there will only be a decrease.

Twinkies have a very extended afterlife, so after the collapse of the company, aspiring entrepreneurs snatched up as many as they could and have been selling them on Ebay. Prices range between $0.40 to $100,000, with the average being around $2000. The most common bid is around $3.

In order to handle the amount of information in this range, the author has created a chart showing the range of prices x number of Ebay listings within that price range. A simplified chart like this is the most convenient way for a reader to digest such a large data set.

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