Russian snow causes 125-mile traffic jam for days

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Snow outside of Moscow has had vehicles trapped on the road for more than two days, according to Reuters. Police have said that field kitchens are running, but many of those trapped said that supplies were not reaching them. In the subzero temperatures, many are running out of gasoline to heat their cars.

Efforts to remove the snow were showing signs of progress, according to CNN. By Sunday evening, the jam line was down from 125 miles to 34. In other areas, a lane on each side had been partially cleared, allowing trucks to crawl along at 3-6 mph.

Snow and traffic problems in December are not new to Russians, but many had other complaints as well, according to CNN. According to many social networking sites, cafe's along the route were taking advantage of the situation by raising prices. Many gas stations ran out of fuel, and trucks were not getting through to refill them, according to CNN.

The Emergencies Ministry was on site offering what help it could, including psychological help for those struggling to cope, according to CNN.

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