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"Birth control is a woman's problem. The quicker she accepts it as hers and hers alone, the quicker will society respect motherhood" (Sanger 139). As Margaret Sanger said, birth control is a woman's problem and she must find a way to control it, a woman's freedom was not based on choosing a husband it was in having control over their bodies. While a woman was forced to raise her children she was controlled because she did not have a decision and she was enslaved by her motherhood. Men claimed that it was their bearing too but women must accept the conditions the government and religion impose upon them. Sanger fought for reproductive rights because she saw how women suffer by this lack of control over their bodies but at the same time it was hard to express her opinion about the subject since it was intended to a more eugenic audience. By linking the promotion of birth control with eugenics her audience becomes now that of power. There is a risk because now her audience is going to have more control over the subject leaving most women again powerless. But it was a start; at least it got the general public thinking and opened their curiosity.

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