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About me

My name is Megan Dushin. I grew up in Garrison, NY on a horse farm with 4 older siblings. Funny I mention Garrison as the first thing... the place in which we grew up is critically important to our self-identity, or at least it is to mine. My dad, in his last few days with us, would ramble on about his hometown, picking berries with his family on Sundays, and playing in the park across the street. He hadn't lived there in 65 years, but it was foremost on his mind.

Horses are next on my mind, and siblings third. All these things make up much of who I am, though I don't ride, don't live in Garrison (or NY for that matter), and barely see my siblings. But these things are a big part of me, though intangible at this point.

That's it for now, about me.