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The spurs of deciding to ride

Ever since I arranged to go horseback riding with a friend - something I only do when I visit my mom's horse farm in NY once a year - I've been able to do all these things I have been talking about doing, but not. Check this out:

  1. Gary and I, on a complete whim last Sunday, ripped out the carpet in our living room to expose the beautiful oak wood floors. We've been wanting to do this for 6 years!
  2. I finished terracing our hillside garden plot, about 6 x 25 feet in total, so that when I water, the water doesn't all trickle down to the bottom. Gary's been trying to get me to do this for 5 years.
  3. I called the dentist! I'm way overdue for a cleaning. (Not 4 years overdue, but overdue nonetheless.)
  4. I called a financial consultant and made an appointment for Gary and I to learn how to better manage our measly finances (she's been calling us about monthly for over a year to get us to call her back!)
  5. I looked up home organizing tips and now have a plan for how to manage all the paper crap in our home! I even created an "action" filing system, sorted all the clutter on the kitchen table, and found a home for the file right as you enter the house. Now that's action!
Riding and talking all about the horse world with my friend Allison has sparked so much. We had a drink with the owner of the stables, and what a character is he - someone I really must introduce to my mom.

What have I been so afraid of, in returning to the horse world? I feared it was the great dysfunction in my life (my parents divorced over horses and more), whereas now, 25 years later, it's fostering all sorts of functionality. Let's just hope I can keep my head!

But see what action comes from just a tiny step towards following your passion? What they say is true - FOLLOW YOUR BLISS and you will be amazed. I am.