October 17, 2004

The next little war

Scheduled for sometime after the US elections, there seems to be little doubt that Israel (plus the US behind the scenes) is going to be forced to strike at Iran's nuclear weapons program. Diplomatic efforts are continuing, but Iran appears fixed on their "nuclear power generation" mechanisms. (Don't they have some oil?) The Israeli's have announced a drop dead date in November. Since it appears unlikely that the US is interested in spreading its troops out even further, the Israelis are going to be the active party. After all, they are the only country which has prevented another nation from becoming a nuclear power through air strikes (Iraq in 1981). Well, take a look at the following articles and see what you think...

Iran's most recent statements.

Some analysis

JWR analysis of the issue. Holbrook's take on the matter.

Iran's nuclear arms plus missile program.

The arms to do the damage.

Details of the BLU-109. Though I would have worked out its penetration and built enough concrete over my reactor. Did the Iranians?

Posted by duver001 at October 17, 2004 10:28 PM