October 25, 2004

A short list of some of the presidential candidates

You probably know something about the first three, but probably not much about the others... Google away...

George W. Bush (Republican)
John F. Kerry (Democrat)
Ralph Nader (Reform Party)
Stanford E. "Andy" Andress (Independent)
Lawson M. Bone (Write-In)
David C. Byrne (Write-In)
John Joseph Kennedy (Write-In)
James Alexander Pace (Write-In)
Tom Trancredo (Write-In)
Thomas J. Harens (Christian Freedom Party)
Deborah Elaine Allen (Write-In)
Andrew J. Falk (Write-In)
Gene Amondson (Prohibition Party)
Michael Badnarik (Libertarian Party)
Walter F. "Walt" Brown (Socialist Party)
Roger Calero (Socialist Workers Party)
David Keith Cobb (Green Party)
Earl F. Dodge (Prohibition Party)
Charles Jay (Personal Choice Party)
John Parker (Workers World Party)
Leonard J. Peltier (Peace & Freedom Party)
Michael A. "Mike" Peroutka (Constitution Party)
Bill Van Auken (Socialist Equality Party)

And I've probably missed a bunch of others. Sorry!

Posted by duver001 at October 25, 2004 6:22 PM