November 10, 2004


Having just gotten back from Portland, OR and being struck (just like every other time I'm there) by the large homeless population, some news stories caught my eye more than usual. Little Rock, AR was named the least friendly (or most hostile) towards the homeless, topping NYC, Atlanta, and LA (all of which are notoriously hostile to the homeless). The report was probably partly aiming at preventing the planned large-scale crackdown on homeless encampments in Little Rock ahead of the Clinton Presidential Library openning. The folks at the National Coalition for the Homeless produced the study. It must be a difficult cause for which to arouse public interest especially for people who have been hit up five or ten times per day for change.

Just do a quick search of the news for homeless and see how much turns up. Political protests, press releases, acts of kindness, criminal acts, and the results of house fires. Remember when homelessness was a big news story? Back in the early 1980s, even Doonesbury was there. Not so much now.

Back to Portland...there are webpages for the Portland Homeless, and here also. The homeless village mentioned in the second site was declared a legal campground earlier this year. Healthcare resources also seem to exist. Local media coverage. Anyway, no analysis it all out for yourselves. Besides, I need to finish preparing my lecture...

Posted by duver001 at November 10, 2004 8:34 AM