November 22, 2004

Weird email of the day

Addess of Letter: Black Holes, and Space Traveling.

   Thesis of the Complete Scientific translation of Mythology, and the Revelation of Saint John the Divine, according to Science, and Psychology, using General Relativity, and Quantum Physics. Established in Thesis Presentation, for Thesis Review. As the Scientific Government installed into the Andromeda Galaxy solar systems. For the Pre-Installation progress of development, within the Milky Way Galaxy solar systems, for the Aversion of the Virgo Super Cluster, by the entering of the Andromeda, and Milky Way Galaxies together, as One New Galaxy.

   Whose former foundation of establishment in chronological astrological time in/ of history, before the Earth, is from the Sagittarius A complex, in the Milky Way Galaxy. Letter address, by Website Prelude. Follow up at the Physicists Prelude 1, and 2, introduced by; W.C.C.C.S., and Space Ship, at Website Message Boards, under my name: Robert Piontek. At:


Whose Construction of my-own Website, and Gathered Presentation, to present a Thesis Result, is: 100% 'without' Theology, or Theology as an appliance of required knowledge for Understanding.


   Which is the example; of the theory of 'Meta-Galaxy'. Of the very root, the fabric of 'how' the Government is established, 'with' ability to travel light speed, using a black hole, neutarlized by/ through cool down, and run up to deliver entery, and espace of/ in a black hole, by and through the use of a Super Nova.

   Which was the Finished establishment of Scientific Quota, beyond the Andromeda Galaxy, that finished the analysis of Black Holes, and Super Novas, for the Construction of a Governmental Space Ship Captiol, able to Accomplish the Mission; for Space Crafts to enter, and exit into the speed of light, by and through the use of a Black Hole.

   The Result, of Technological Reality, 'before' the Earth, entered into the Biological Evolution Era, of Biological life, as reproduction of life. The Scientific link to Biological life, within a Black Hole, for Inter Galactic Space Travel, having record in the history of Planet Earth.


1.) Nuclear Physics. NEW THEORY: Being the Black Hole itself.

The Black Hole, in my presentation for subject review, being, the use of a black hole, as the casing for the bomb, and the admission of weapons of mass destruction, through the space ship,s or the entery of a Red Giant into a Black Hole. For the terms and conditions, for the model, to make theory, in the detonation of a black hole. 


In the terms of an Astronomical Model: Of and for; the example E=mc squared. That of the comparative ratio between.

a. an atomic weapon. and New: b. an astronomical atomic weapon.


NEW THEORY: Extra-Terrestrials in accordance to Mythology. Use Weapons of Mass Destruction to Detonate a Black Hole, to produce the scientific results, to establish a Big Bang Theory.


The Determined theory of Question, Question to have logical Question of the Question. What is the Scientific Root, to Foundate purpose of the relations of technology, to Theology.

1.) Stem Cell Reproductive Technology, for Suspension of Biological Anatomy, during Transition, within the Space Ship, using a Black Hole, to prepare to enter the speed of light, or the projection from a black hole.

Foundation of establishment history: June 6, 1992-August 17, 2004.

Noted Model of Presentation of Theory=Tatto Key.


First Model; of Black Holes, and Space Traveling, the Space Ship.


   Using a Black Hole to accomplish space travel of light years, below, within, or above the speed of light, with time suspsension in the presense, suspending past and future, for the biology within, as also of the ship, during travel time in the speed of light, through the projection of the ship, from the Black Hole, also as near, to the Super Nova, for Cool down, or Heat up. To, or from a black hole, or before the black hole, for Storage of Nuclear Fuel, and Solar Energy, before entery/ exit phases, to the black hole, or afterwards, from the black hole.

   A Diamond. Diamond constructed solar powered space ship, 144 miles wide, in aerodynamics of a Circlier magnifying glass dynamic. Completely controlled by Robotics, and Cybernetic engineering. The result of a Time Machine, that uses a Sun to reach a supernova, then a supernova to reach a red giant, then a red giant to a Black Hole. Which passangers/ robotics, 'do not' as 'does not' visit past, or future, before, or during travel time in the speed of light, or during entery/ exit from a black hole.

   Noted: Stem Cell Technology, Provides security, biological board members, (passangers) on the ship, as the mechanics of the robotics, all, all retain construction of biological quantum physics, during the ships enter, and exit phases within the black hole, as also during travel time in the speed of light. Computer technology, as the world wide web, provides, the robitics division, the primary function to command, and activation of command to the space ship.

   A Complete, "Primary Diamond" constructed craft, partially atomic powered, using 'water' as the 'primary conductor' of 'electricity', and for, Nuclear Fuel, as productive engineering for Nuclear Energy.

   Results: Quantum Physics Aerodynamics Model of and for the entire interior/ exterior dynamcis of the ship, as a "quantum physics model space craft".

   Which is able, able to convert into a gas/ liquid, while entering and exiting a black hole, using the primary projectory ratio, to possibly aquire the speed of light, through the measurements of escaping a black hole. General Reletivity. The mission assembly ratio, to gather the projection question, to attain the speed of light, 'without' E=mc squared, using the black hole model of question. Quantum Physics, as the ship itself.


   Summary: Being the after math of the space craft, due to the 'questioned' projection, from a black hole.

1.) Einstein's Theory of E=Mc squared for Nuclear Detonation of the ship itself, in 'quesiton' of the manner of damage to the ship, at all angles of entery, or exit, as ability for the ship to slow down, to normal space travel velocity, for "re-consciousness of humankind passengers, on the governmental space ship capitol. Post period of the operation, for a space craft to enter, and exit a black hole. The Question, of the Primary model to present.

2.) New Theory, of the combination of unity, between General Releativity, and Quantum Physics, through the new suggestion, of a completely constructed space ship, using Diamonds, Nuclear, and Biological Physics, establishing the ship itself, 'partially', biological for operational functions, through, the 'suggested' operation to utilize, 'water' as a means of ignition for velocity in, and for the engine of the shace ship.


Black Hole, VRS, Space Ship Success Ratio %, to the Escape from a Black Hole.

The Measurement, to projectile a space ship, 'into' the speed of light.


   As the actual event of the process time of the entery/ exit of a black hole, is 'only' by/ through other identical space ships, outside, as outside around, the subject black hole itself.

Model of the Required Material to provide the projection force, from the black hole.

All manner of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Secondly: All biological life on the ship, or monitoring ships, 'do not', as 'does not' witness the events, or event of "sight to sight" black hole consciousness, subconsciousness.

Passangers on the ships, as the ships on stand by, to assist the ship which does do the, entery/ exit of the black hole, are in hybernation, and within complete unconsciousness.


NEW THEORY, established: September 13, 2003--Present


All manner of Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction, are used by the space ships robotics division, in the ships, as monitoring ships, to 'neutralize the atmosphere of implosion with the Black Hole', by establishing in the midst of the Black Hole. A 'suggested temporary', reversal within the black hole, by atomic detonation, through mixture of weapons of mass destuction, within the black hole itself, by and through the space crafts.

   Being an Actual Detonetion within the Black Holes, ( being the new theory ), establishes a reversal of implosion. The basis of the Physics, of and for the inquire, to suggest the theory on extra-terrestrials, and their technology. Being the former: How does extra-terrestrials accomplish the mission to reverse an implosion within a black hole?

   Being the 'new' result of the model.

The Construction dynamics of the space ship, fully of diamond construction, as diamond construction of the robotics, 'suggesting', that the operation to build the ship, is 'required', to design in an environment of 'out-space', "not" on a planetary setting.


Second Model; of Black Holes, and Space Traveling, the Government of the Space Ships.


   The establishment of technology, on psychological record of and for Extra-Terrestrial Technology, through the Medical Testimony of Jesus Christ, by and through the life of Saint John the Divine, the Post Theology, of and from the Review of; King Nebuchadnezzar of Ancient Babylon, in the book of Daniel. Saint John at Patmos Ancient Turkey, Year 96. A.D. Established as Text, by the Governorships of and for the Kingdom of Room, 200 A.D.

   Extra-Terrestrials, the establishment of the 'same biological construction of Humankind upon the Earth'. Whose technology of this ship, was established by a race of Humankind, 'beyond' the Virgo Super Cluster, parallel to the Andromeda Galaxy, in Allignment into the Virgo Super Cluster, at a 13.7 Billion year, to 25 Billion year Scientific Statistic, in Astronomy of the meeting of the Milky Way Galaxy, to merge, merge with the Andromeda Galaxy, at 25 Billion years, within the marriage of the Virgo Super Cluster, in post Astrological Time, of the Virgo Super Cluster, 44 Billion years.

   Whose establishment of Technological Advancements, being Extra-Terrestrial, to both sustain life, in and out of a black hole, as with the ability to travel galactic light years, in the Universe at Large. Giving Ramification, to produce, as also contain history within the Mikly Way Galaxy.

   All 'before' biological genetics existed, to produce biological life, by and 'only' through reproduction of life, of and by both; male and female, on the face of the Earth, as like planets, as within the Milky Way Galaxy, "before" biological life, existed on our own planet Earth. 


New Appliance: Documented Text in the Revelation.

Summary Analysis Base: Requirement of Sciences.

Model of Appliance: Physics, Astronomy, and Psychology.

Revelation 16:17


YEAR: 4500 BC.

EVENT: Astrological events, between planet Earth, and the region of Sagitarrius A.


Direct Appliance to: The Star Eta Carinia, at the year 4500 b.c., ( 'not' the housing planet of Earth ) of and for the Text of the Roman Catholic/ France Baptist Holy Bible, as a Historical Point of View, as contents of Subject Analysis, to the Relations with the Chapters; of Ezekiel, Daniel, and the Revelation of Saint John the Divine.

Direct Relations, to the astrological event, during a Red Giant Collision with sustained biological life, on near by planets:


   Noted: This event, at the star eta carinia. 

Reference Model: through the book of Job.

Revelation 16:21


   Noted: Indication of Text Result, in the content of debate, and analysis. Extra-Terrestrial Governmental Affair. Real Time Event, During a Red Giant Build up, for a solar system, housing a paraellel planet Earth, also with 'record' of Extra-Terrestrial evidence of existence.

1.) Nuclear Production, to provide proof of fuel, to neutralize a black hole.

2.) Internet, and the World Wide Web, for Space Ship Communications.

3.) "Theology, documenting the foundation for Medical Technology", of Extra-Terrestrial Stem Cell Technology, founded by and through the Resurrection of the saint Jesus Christ of Nazzereth.


 Whom, Extra-Terrestrials, began to establish themselves within, and upon the Earth, in the year 1000 b.c. Based Primarly as a Head Quarters, as North/ South Korea, whom had over-sight, in these times, was China, Japan, and Russia. Whom China, Japan, and Russia, had Governorship 'over', the Roman Empire, 'before' the birth of Jesus Christ.


Daniel: 5:24-5:28. Being the model of the tatto key, on the platform of website collum 4-18-02 movie script.


Through the evolution of time, 12,000 b.c.---1000.b.c. Finished in 0000 a.d./ b.c.

Parallel Universe Model: Earth History 4500 b.c.--0000 b.c./a.d.

Comparitative Alternate according to the Apocalypse.

Location: Sagittarius A Complex, the Star Eta Carina.

Model: Global Technology in the face of Impact from a solar system sun, at the stage of a Red Giant.

The Scientific Model of Unability to Prove Extraterrestrial Communications.

The Mold of the unability to prove technological reality.


Website Collum: WCCCS.


Through the post evolution of time, 3000 years upon the Earth, from 1000 b.c. The form of the Extra-Terrestrial Government, is, and was established, as a Scientific Governmental Capitol, to be 'over' all Goverments upon the face of the Planet Earth. Whose location, to and was, to "Saint John the Divine", located, nearly 1 mile underground of todays Iraq. Whose Construction of underground location, is 'totally divided', as 'required divided' from, the 'above' ground nation of Iraq.

   In which, the Total Complete Control in, or of, as for the Earth Capitol, is the Governmental Space Ship Capitols, whom have the ablility, to enter and exit a black hole. Whose Primary Purpose, is for the Aversion of the Galaxy collision, at 13.7 Billion years, to the 25 Billion year ratio. The actual real time events, of the Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxy merger, into one galaxy.

   Also Aversion of solar system collision with black holes, red giants, supernovas, to planets with humankind likeness to extra-terrestrials, as the civilians of humankind, the "saints". Aversion of Governmental Space Ship Captiols damage, by and through using Red Giants, Supernovas, and Black Holes, to Travel accross light years in the Universe, using black holes as the power source to project into the speed of light. Being the result, to produce the Production of Weapons of Mass Destruction, upon a planet, as an Earth, within the Milky Way Galaxy. Because of Extra-Terrestrial Planetary Intervention, before the documentation of any Theology was established within or on a planet.


Revelation Chater 4-22, or Website Prelude for the Robert Piontek Message Board Post of Welcome to  


 Model of Extra-Terrestrial Government: Finally; Aversion for: The aversion of Global Mass Destruction, during the Final Stages of the Earth Sun, becoming, as growing for Detonating as a Red Giant, to Impact the planet Earth. "As the Governmental Location, to Prevent Launch, or Launch Weapons of Nuclear Destruction, of other Nations. W.C.C.C.S."


Above Nation, above W.C.C.C.S. 9-10-01

'Holding Grounds', to "not" be required to own, or posses, any Weapons of Mass Destruction. As "not" producing in the very legal state dipolomatic boarders, deemed accountable, for the classification of a soverign, being the State of Iraq, under Saddam Hussein. 2000 A.D., for producing Weapons of Mass Destruction. 


Summary: Only a combination of Governments by and through "Meta-Galaxy", may establish a Government as Model #2, to establish Globalization as Model #1. Whose primary trail of evidence, is documented in the Revelation of Saint John the Divine, for the Installation Text for the Psychology of Extra-Terrestrial Government, by and through Mythology, and the Testimony of Jesus Christ, as the Scientific Model, of its Foundation, within 200 A.D.

   Jesus Christ. The first born, reserrected of the dead, to bear witness to the "Stem Cell Technology", from Extra-Terrestrial Intervention, to begin the Installation of W.C.C.C.S.


The end. Revelation 1:1.


Sincerley: Robert Edward Piontek, Jr.



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