December 1, 2004

The transition from 1960s radical to Green, but interventionist, establishment politician

Despite the long, and dull title, let me highly recommend thisi (relatively long) piece of journalism. The Passion of Joschka Fischer. I found it to be an extremely interesting piece which connected strongly to me with the matter of humanitarian action (which typically has some military guise to it) for the Left. Kosovo? Heck, Rwanda which is heavily in the news these days for the 10th anniversary of the genocide. There certainly would have been antiwar protests had the US gotten involved there. Afghanistan? Bosnia? Fischer belonged to a European generation which was radicalized far beyond the crowd that Bill Clinton hung out with (it would be hard to picture a senior SDS person in the Senate, let alone on Pennsylvania Avenue).

Also of note in the article is the dividing point for these radicals taking place at Entebbe. Realizing that the "noble PLO" was not so different from their parents' and grandparents' SS in either goal or method. If the article is interesting to you, I'd also recommend The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum (movie) and Televisionaries (book) as interesting, but by no means complete, touches on the subject of the urban terrorists of early 1970s Germany.

Posted by duver001 at December 1, 2004 4:36 AM