December 9, 2004

Regrettable food

Yes, that's coffee jello. Need I say more about it? I thought not. These wonderful folks have a web site full of awful and awesome pictures of the low point in American cuisine. Food of the 1950s and Minnesota. Okay, that's two negatives and we've completely missed the utter thrill that is fast food. Okay, back to the Likeks website, and Cooking with Dr. Pepper. Yes, a real cookbook. You can find treasured cookbooks like these at all the good Salvation Army stores, unless you have terminally hip artist-types in your neighborhood. If so, drop by their pad and take a look at the cookbooks artfully scattered on the floor. I suspect that part of the appeal, or agony, of those 1950s cookbooks is how the colors have faded. They have faded, right?

Posted by duver001 at December 9, 2004 10:28 PM