December 10, 2004

International Space Station runs out of food, film at 11pm

I refuse to connect this story to any sort of science, since science is the last thing that the space station is useful for. Well, unless by science, you mean middle school science fair projects, in which case there are a few options.

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    I know April is still quite far off, but just look at it:

    ``NASA and the Russian Space Agency were stunned to learn last week that the astronauts had begun digging into the 45-day food reserve -- which exists to protect against a delayed supply shipment -- in mid-November.''

    Do they seriously mean that:

    1. The astronauts weren't supplied with enough food
    2. The situation was so bad they had to dig into the reserves
    3. They didn't tell Earth about this?

    If this is how seriously the people involved take their mission, I say we cut the funding right here, right now.

    I've never been able to see space flight as anything but a waste of time, energy and money, but I've been okay with it; other people have lives and opinions too. But time and time again it turns out they don't do it properly. Exploding rockets and space shuttles, confusing metric and imperial units, failed Mars missions, and now this.

    Looks like they have one Mr. H Simpson aboard!

    Mmmmm space doughnuts... Woohoo! I've lost 95lbs!

    Woohoo! Mmmmm freeze dried christmas cake... mmm...
    Woohoo I'm still 0lbs!

    Just don't let him get at the ant colony.

    Posted by duver001 at December 10, 2004 1:11 PM