December 15, 2004

Holiday gift guide

  • Caffeinated soap? You absord the caffeine through the skin while you lather up.
  • From Japan, the boyfriend arm pillow. Snuggle up with a real, authentic, pillow that looks like an arm. Not to be confused with the nipple scarves which are so 2002.
  • In a similar, Japanese vein, here's the girlfriend lap pillow. Wearing a tight, red (or black) removable miniskirt. We're heading into PG-13 territory here... More news coverage indicates that it's about $90, comes with both red and black skirts, and is selling well!
  • As always, the kindly folks at National Lampoon have provided a safe toy shopping guide for 2004. Highly recommended as an alternative to common sense.
  • An oldie, but a goodie, the vibrating Harry Potter broomstick.
  • Sushi air fresheners make GREAT stocking stuffers!
  • Canned animals might be even worse...
  • The More DVD from the Despair Folks. You can also watch the six minutes of joy online clicking from that link.
  • Monthly Doos 2005: The dog poop calendar.
  • A blog listing of the worst gifts a bunch of folks had ever gotten.

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