December 16, 2004

A US Caterham experience

While Caterham Super 7s are "normal" cars in the UK, purchasable and registerable in the same way as any other automobile, they're in a bit more complicated of a state in the States. Here we have state-to-state variations in the registration laws and how kit cars are treated. Also a patchwork of emission laws. Heck, driver licensing, voter registration, etc.

The full story of purchasing and registering a Caterham a few years ago (2000) in North Carolina. Interestingly, it was his second Lotus 7 derivative. And things have gotten somewhat easier since then, Caterham USA has been launched and I've even spotted a seven in Minneapolis (in the summer!).

Anyway, the SV model has given hope to 6'6" shoe size 13 people everywhere that they too might someday own a seven.

Posted by duver001 at December 16, 2004 12:01 PM