December 28, 2004

More problems in Sri Lanka

From The Scotsman

Land Mines Add to Sri Lanka's Misery

Tidal waves that hammered Sri Lanka have uprooted land mines that threaten to kill or maim survivors trying to return home while endangering relief workers, a Unicef official said today.

The tsunami have scattered mines and destroyed warning signs, said Ted Chaiban, the aid agency’s Sri Lanka chief.

“Land mines are posing a new risk to Sri Lankans, and to relief efforts,” he said. “Mines were floated by the floods and washed out of known mine fields, so now we don’t know where they are and the warning signs ... have been swept away or destroyed.”

The greatest danger will come when survivors begin to return to their homes, not knowing where the mines are, Chaiban said.

More than 1.5 million mines have been planted across Sri Lanka by the army and Tamil Tiger rebels have been fighting for a separate homeland since 1983.

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