April 1, 2005

Zimbabwe's ongoing trauma

You can follow the rigged election on the BBC. Or just assume that Mugabe is going to steal the election, as has been reported food aid is only being distributed to those who hold cards for his party. Amazing how far this country has fallen in the past few years. Hyperinflation, murders of dissidents, media crackdowns, stolen foreign aid monies, loss of democracy... It's been a painful process to watch from a distance (obviously has to be infinitely worse in the flesh) after traveling there and truly enjoying the land and the people. What is it with Africa? I know Paul Theroux tried to answer that, and maybe Bill Clinton too with his big African trip, but I don't think I understand. Why the war in the Congo? Why the never ending corruption?

Posted by duver001 at April 1, 2005 11:23 AM