September 6, 2005


Far fewer deaths than expected. Important notes: no increased rate of leukemia, only 9 out of 2000 thyroid cancers have been fatal, total of 50 deaths (reactor workers and firefighters), and fatalism due to overestimating the medical effects may have been a much larger medical effect. Though I'm sure this will be latched onto by the nuclear industry, it remains a strong statement that the effects were terrible (18 mile exclusion zone and all) but not as bad as predicted by the experts whose quotes were shocking enough to get themselves press coverage.

Some of my friends have been commenting negatively on this report. Is it contradiction with information available right after the disaster? Some reports at that time indicated that a much larger number of people had died already at that point. Sometime when I have a chance to look more into this...

Correction/ammendment: see 9/15/05 entry

Posted by duver001 at September 6, 2005 10:03 AM