December 13, 2005


It's time to seriously think about the intersection of the United States and the torture of prisoners. It has become clear that hundreds of individuals, brought up much the same way as the rest of us, have murdered and brutally tortured helpless prisoners around the world. It seems evident that, following the Nuremberg Tribunal historical presidence, that the chain of command is guilty. We have the Vice President campaigning against a torture ban, a Secretary of State using every possible turn of phrase to insist that torture is not taking place, and a President that appears to only be caring about his much dwindled support ("Hey, let's talk about undocumented aliens, I mean, illegal immigrants.").

The Nation's Anthony Lewis discusses the administration of torture and the torture administration.

The Nation's editors then join for a condemnation of the torture conspiracy.

Personally I am just horrified (yet again I suppose) at the deeds being done in my name.

Posted by duver001 at December 13, 2005 11:12 AM