Uganda: Day 2 of Soccer Coach Training

It rained today, the African rain that I've heard of, but not heard. It came during lunch, as we were under the open air metal canopy covering the concrete eating area. It came in torrents, and in gentle patters, with a refreshing breeze after the hot morning. Hot to me at least, but perhaps a cool day by Ugandan standards. Little huddles of coaches and trainers gathered about talking about soccer and life. Ian Barker and Carrie Barker spent both the morning and afternoon on the soccer fields for E-license training, with half of the 185 coaches in the morning representing four numbers/colors/teams, and the other half in the afternoon. Jens, Lisa, Mike and Diane were in 4 X 40 minutes sessions both morning and afternoon giving talks to each of the 8 different teams of coaches, covering topics like tournament organization, sport psychology and sports medicine. We had distinguished guests from the FUFA organization speak to our whole assembly, welcoming us and the coaches on behalf of their organization and country, and doing us the honor of sitting in on our training sessions. As our distinguished guests pointed out, among our numbers we have young and old, men and women, hearing and deaf, Christian and Muslim, Americans and Ugandans. It is astonishing, humbling, and exciting. We look forward to another amazing day tomorrow. Diane P1014015 copy compressed.jpg

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