Uganda: Day 3 of Soccer Coach Training

Today a picture was worth a thousand words. We took photos of every team and every coach attending the program. We will be posting their photos and names on a website so that coaches can continue to connect with those they've met from across the country to arrange tournaments and "friendlies" for their teams. I learned a bit of Ugandan sign language in the process, and Lisa did an amazing job of organizing the teams for photos and recording names. With her wonderful sense of humor and love for the Ugandan people evident, she managed to get most of the coaches to smile for their photos--and let me just say that this is no small task. Stacy engaged the coaches with her discussion of nutrition and hydration, Mike had fun coaching some drills on the field, and Ian and Carrie continued their lively E-license on-field training sessions. It is a pleasure to watch all of these talented professionals volunteering their time to share their love and knowledge of the game of soccer--and of kids--with the Ugandan participants. Our gracious and welcoming Ugandan hosts have supported us in every possible way. DianeP1014166 compressed team photo day 3.jpg

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