Uganda: Day 6 of Soccer Coach Training

This morning is the end. The coaches arrived early for breakfast, and we joined them about 9:30 a.m. for the closing ceremony. And it was indeed a proper ceremony, with comments from many distinguished guests from FUFA, FIFA, and USAid. We received lovely departing gifts from our teams of coaches, who presented each of us with bark cloth gifts that are unique to the country. FUFA presented us with team jerseys for the Uganda Cranes national team, and Coach Stone presented us with soccer balls signed by all participants. We in turn presented those that had so graciously sponsored and supported us all with Jabulani (World Cup) balls. At the end of the ceremony the participants received their remaining soccer gear from us; throughout the course of the week they had received a coaching manual, pen, string bag, ball, cones, clipboards & pens, and whistles, so that they had the basic supplies that every soccer coach needs. We shared our final lunch together, and then the coach participants and our delegation were all so very kindly hosted by FUFA to attend a soccer match in the afternoon featuring the national men's team Uganda Cranes playing host to visiting Kenya in Nelson Mandela stadium. It was quite awe inspiring, and we felt a bit like rock stars when we were ushered into the stadium to sit in the section adjacent to where our coach participants were seated and who cheered and fist bumped us upon our arrival. At half time we had the opportunity to meet with FUFA leadership and share a soft drink in their lounge. The host Cranes won the match 1-0. It was an event none of us shall ever forget, and the best part was being able to share it with the participants whose company we had grown to love over the week. The goodbyes were hard, but happy. Diane P1015334 Trainers Crane Jerseys.jpg

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