Assignment 7-Brittni Dye


Idea Selection and Pitch

For this week's assignment we're really narrowing down our products to one idea and running with it. The first step in doing so involves making a Pugh chart to really weigh out the benefits of different factors on a the product. I started to think about all the elements of my Ultimate Snow Fort Builder and thought that it may all be too much. I separated all the different elements of the Snow Fort from my original idea and I weighed the Rate of going material for element, the cost of that material in comparison to the others, the"holding" element of it to make sure the entire fort is secure and safe, and finally the effort it takes added in with each element. I made my benchmark element of the whole product the strong plastic textured form since this is the base and most important part of the idea; to be able to use it as a base and actual snow can be packed on (so it's got camo in the snow).

Pugh Chart
Pugh Chart

Product Name

Next it's time to come up with a great product name for the Snow Fort. I for sure wanted to go with the idea of making the product actually come with two somewhat smaller bases for a personal snow fort, that way they are already set up for a fair battle and customers knowing that this already comes with two will make them even more inclined to buy it.

So because of this, I decided to focus more on the "battling" aspect of snowball fighting with forts. I started to do some research on words that have anything to do with igloos, snowball fights, snow forts, and snowballs. I thought this may lead me in a creative direction to coming up with a name. I started to realize that this was approaching it too literally, and there really aren't any other words to describe the most simple one; snow fort.

I also started to connect the shelter aspect of the product with a dome shape since that's basically what it looks like before the snow covers it. Therefore, I decided to call my product;


The version that has the snow shooter and snowball storage is called;

Sno-Dome Combat


Assignment 6-Brittni Dye


Idea Evaluation

This weeks assignment involves digging deeper into the steps of NMF (novel, marketable, feasible) involving our selected 10 product ideas from last week.


I talked to 15 people briefly about all of my ideas in my creativity journal and brought with a mini prototype for a couple I especially like. I began by asking if they thought the product would be successful on the market, if they would buy it, and if so, how much would they pay for it. (For each product idea I will list responses from each person)

Product survey spreadsheet.xlsx

After evaluating the results of the popularity of the product ideas. I narrowed it down to 5 top products. I chose,
1. The Snowball Sling
2. The Sphere Sled
3. The Ultimate Snow Fort Base
4. Foldable Snow Chair Frame
5. Lobster Claw Glove Attachments


I used a 2x2 matrix to look at similar products on the market and categorizing them to see where the market opportunity lies.
2x2 matrix

Next I researched similar products:

1. Snowball Sling: I found that there really aren't any products like this. There are bags, but they aren't waterproof for holding snowballs.
State of the Art: This would be made out of a waterproof material to wick off excess water . It will also be somewhat insulated so the snowballs stay in tact. You are able to fit at least 40 snowballs inside, and it comes with a side pocket with a water squirt bottle to aid in forming the perfect snowballs.

2. The Sphere Sled: There isn't a sphere sled on the market, but there are inflatable spheres that people use to roll down hills safely in the warm weather. I would modify it so it somewhat stays upright while riding and have a lever for steering as well. There will be a hatch door just like the original rolling sphere for the rider to enter the sled.

3. The Ultimate Snow Fort Base: There are only inflatable snow forts that don't actually allow the user to make an actual fort made with snow. This would act as a building aid for a Snow fort and for reassurance that it won't collapse. It would be a very secure material for safety. I was thinking that I would make two small versions of the snow fort base with one snowball shooter in each so that two people can use them together, making for the ultimate snow battle. The outside of the structure would have a textured material so the snow can easily be packed onto it.

4. Foldable Snow Chair Frame: There isn't an actual similar product as this one, but there are foldable chairs that I can use to model this product after. The material of course has to still be stable, durable, and also waterproof for placing in the snow. It would be helpful to have handles as well to easily hold on to and place your chair.

5. Lobster Claw Glove attachment: There also isn't an exact product such as this one, but there are ways you can hold onto the rope with ease. You can use the wavy plastic frame that goes on the palm of your hand to better grip, But this one would have to also be waterproof and more of a solid material like plastic with some texture to really get a good grip. The attachment must also be stable so it's not to fall off while holding onto the tow rope.

I also did a patent search for the similar ideas already out there since I didn't have much luck finding super similar products. Again, there were igloo patents of all kinds but none quite like my idea. There are a lot of snow building products out there such as molds that are pretty creative. I also found many different kinds of sleds, but non that literally allow the rider to be enclosed in a safe inflatable sphere. This patent searching and such however really made me wonder which ones of my products REALLY are possible. A lot of these would be questionable in usage but some I can imagine being very successful.


In order to determine whether or not the ideas are feasible I must look at the cost in which it takes to construct the product and compare that with how much money I can sell it for. Because in the end, no matter how cool the idea might be, it's all about making money.

In general I'm using the reference given to us; Bulk ABS Plastic roughly costing $1.00 per pound.

The Snowball Sling:

Cost to make: $4.00
Cost to sell: $20

Complications: I would need a special material that is definitely water proof in order to carry around snowballs and keep them insulated and in their spherical form. The strap would definitely have to be big enough for one to carry over the chest still while wearing a rather large warm jacket in the winter.

Highlights: This would be a really convenient way to carry the snowballs you create while in the middle of a snowball fight. I think if people knew they could use these, they would be excited about getting into an epic snowball fight.

The Sphere Sled:

Cost to make: $10.00
Cost to sell: $50.00

Complications: It will be extremely difficult to make sure this inflatable sphere is safe enough to be slipping and sliding down snow. The control over the steering would have to be done just properly and actually might take more many than planned. In order for this one to really work, a lot of modifications may have to be done.

Plus: It's the safest way to go sledding since you're fully enclosed but still lets in air flow.

The Ultimate Snow Fort Builder:

Cost to make: $ 6.00
Cost to sell: $50.00

Complications: forming the structures for the snowball shooters may prove to be difficult without sufficient enough product to support them.

Highlights: makes for a safe base for building the ultimate snowball fighting snow forts.

Foldable Snow Chair Frame

Cost to make: $3.00
Cost to Sell: $30.00

Complications: This would be a little bit difficult to physically construct so that it folds and also is able to be set down into snow and not get the bottom of the sitter wet in the process.

Highlights: For sitting and waiting somewhere in the winter time where there isn't a seat, simply unfold the frame and make a chair out of the snow bank.

Lobster Claw Glove Attachment:

Cost to make: $ 3.00
Cost to Sell: $20.00

Complications: This would be very difficult to construct and be sure that the thickness and arrangement of it actually allows for the tow rope rider to more easily grasp the rope. The idea is there but visualizing the finished concept is a little concerning...

Highlights: You are able to not have to use that much energy when riding the tow rope.

Assignment 5- Brittni Dye


Time to narrow it down a little bit! This week involves really analyzing all aspects of product building with the general ideas I've already come up with for the Snow Games theme.
First, I used the SCAMPER technique with one product I thought could use some TLC; The Sled.
The "s" in scamper is for Substitute. I thought that the shape could be changed from being mostly flat and parallel with the ground to being a sphere and able to roll and slide easily. I also thought using a different engery source such as a solar panel on the back to operate headlights in the front of the sled for night sledding safety.

For Combine, I thought about merging together a snowboard with a sled because it has excellent turning skills with just the use of a lean, and it also rides very smoothly on snow and is very light. I also thought about the possibility of having retractable skates on the bottom of sled so one can easily transition from sliding down a hill onto ice for traction.

For Adapt, I thought about sleds used in the past which were usually circular shaped for movability and they were typically rubber tire shaped. Something similar to the sled but with different features would definitely be the Snowmobile because it slides but at a controlled speed.

For Magnify and Modify, I thought about making the sled a log bigger to hold many people, and makes it that much easier for everyone to help carry the snow back up the hill. But, it would be way better if it was modified so that it could climb back up the hill itself with some power operating the sled a little.

For Put to other use, I thought about how the sled could help and old woman or man slide down to their mailbox easily every morning, or if there was a shovel attachment to easily control and slide down the driveway while also shoveling it.
Put to other use

For Eliminate, I thought about splitting the sled and using two snowboards together to create a different style of sled.

Finally, for Reverse and Rearrange, I thought about safe ways of riding a sled backwards, making it a blow up sphere so it can roll with safety, or switching it around by having a rounded attachment on the top and a flat sled on the bottom.

I then went through the Morphological Analysis Chart to come up with new product ideas branching off the sled idea. I ended up coming up with the sphere shape being really useful when sledding and the material obviously has to be waterproof, ending with the steering, which should be a rutter and a knob just like on paddle boats!
Morphological Analysis

I also did the Tilmag chart just to modify some more ideas for by sled. I thought about protection more and different ways the sled could battle the harshness of winter. I also explored the different varieties of ways to steer it in the snow.
tilmag sketch

I considered Biomimicry for the swift sliding motion that the penguins have and the lotus effect for completely shielding water.

I then thought back to one silly idea from the brainstorming session called the snow pillow. I just thought that this wasn't really useful until this weekend when I had a sore lower back I thought that would be a really good way to ice your back. If it was constructed with the same material that can wick off water inside and out, you are able to simply walk outside, fill the pillow with snow and snap it back up, then use it to ice your wounds when sledding or playing outside!
silly idea

Finally, I determined the 10 product ideas for the Winter Snow Games theme.

Product number 1. The Snowball Sling. This over the shoulder style sling has pockets and large storage for holding snowballs while running around in a snowball fight, That way you always have them with you and are prepared for launching. The side pocket holds a spray bottle to moisten the snow making for better snowballs. The front pocket holds snowball sculpting tools as well! The material is made to wick off water inside and out.
Snowball Sling

Product number 2. Inflatable Sphere Sled. This circular sled puts you safely inside the highly protected inflatable sphere that sits somewhat upright so you don't tumble. There is a Rutter steering unit and seating inside, and obviously it gives you full protection from all snow extremities.
Sphere Sled

Product number 3. The Ultimate Snow Fort Base. This is a durable structures safe base to build snoeforts. The textured putter shell allows the builder to pack snow on the outside structure. The top is storage for snowballs that transfer to the inside of the fort where the user can load up the spring loaded snowball canons attached to the fort base.
Snowfort Base

Product number 4. Foldable heated chair frame. This is a portable foldable structure that you can place in any snow bank to form a chair. Simply unfold and press into snow. You sit on the form which is also heated by a solar panel in the back of the seat. Perfect for making your own seat in the winter. But not for long sitting because that bum warmer will definitely melt the snow underneath it.
Foldable heated winter chair

Product number 5. Snow Lego's. These molds can be pressed into the snow to form sturdy snow Lego's for building anything out of snow.
Snow Legos

Product number 6. Lobster Clasp Glove attachment. Built eith extra grip and surface area like claws to easily hold onto the tow rope up a hill without as much effort, and so it doesn't rip up your gloves. Lobster Claw glove attachment

Product number 7. Double Snowboard Sled. Two large snowboard bases with 4 seats attached for more leverage when leaning. Also has protection from the elements overhead and in front.
Double Snowboard sled.

Product number 8. Snow Painting kit. This snow paint goes on easy and stays on for displaying art outside your home. It comes eith letter stencils for Christmas greetings and other fun shapes to decorate your snow covered lawn with. Snow Painting Kit

Product number 9., Glowing Snowballs. These are forms of spheres with a plastic textured barrier. It acts as a base for building a faster snowball. It also lights up inside different colors for night snowball fights and makes it much easier to find.
Glowing Snowballs.

Product number 10. The Snowball Shooter. Simply load up snowballs and use the pump action to launch snowballs at your snow playing enemies. Perfect for when your arm is just too tired to whip snowballs at one another. Also comes with a winter hat/face protection helmet for those in inevitable face shots.
Snowball Shooter

Assignment 4- Brittni Dye


Blue Sky Brainstorming, the topic of this week's assignment got me really excited. During the lecture I thought that the process we went through when brainstorming was very efficient and I believe the group I was in came up with a lot of really awesome ideas. Right away I was excited to see what I could come up with in my own brainstorming session, especially since my theme is a pretty fun one!

I contacted a few of my friends to see if they would want to be apart of a creative brainstorming session, they all were excited to help and I informed them of the theme and the "How might we" questions. When we got together they all had lists of ideas and were all very anxious to explain. Some were explaining that they were unsure whether or not they should come up with things that were already made, but I reassured them that it didn't matter if the idea is already established because we can use them to build off of other ideas. I also brought along the list of "How might we" questions to remind them of what our main goal of the brainstorming was.
How Might We questions

The games we played were also really fun, especially because I had Hershey Kisses for everyone to snack on preparing for the brainstorming. The first game is Yes and... The same one we played in class building off a silly idea with confidence. It got to be so hilarious we just had to move on to the next one. I used the idea of the motion making and naming what you're doing around in a circle. I called it Listen, I'm a... Where you make a random noise and yell everyone what it is, then the whole group has to repeat the sound for support. This also caused many many laughs and ultimately made for a really fun time with my friends. Creativity Games

After we warmed up our thinking caps I had small pieces of paper and sharpies for sketching ideas and the brainstorming began. During the brainstorming I had a random word list for them to pull ideas from and then suggested designing with a certain character in mind. After all the brainstorming was over I had them vote for their favorite ideas by just drawing stars on them.

Our top ten ideas were;
1. The Snowball Sling-to carry snowballs on the go
2. Mr. Potato Head-like pieces for Snowman building
3. Inflatable sphere sled with steering Rutter.
4. Snow catapult - with spring action
5. ATW wheelchair- helping handicapped kids enjoy the snow.
6. Giant animal Snow Mold - form snow piles at end of driveway into giant elephants!
7. Stackable Snow Lego's - build anything out of snow
8. Snow chair- foldable in the go form to build a snow chair
9. Fort Base builder - plastic safe base to pack snoe onto, has snowball shooters activated from interior.
10. Lobster Claws - attachment for gloves to easily hold onto tow ropes up a snow hill.
ideas 1
ideas 2
ideas 4
ideas 5
ideas 6
Brainstorming fun!

Assignment 3- Brittni Dye


For this week's assignment I was given one of my chosen sub-themes; Snow Games. I was really excited about this topic considering playing in the snow was my absolute favorite thing to do as a kid. I grew up in Minnesota and every year the first snow fall always had me wishing the snow was in ripe condition for the very best snow games.

When observing and interviewing, I wanted to make sure that I got some input from different age groups to really consider how each person would like "snow game products" to be made.

Winter Games Sub Theme

For my first observation I knew I wanted to talk to my neighborhood kids. There are two little boys that live next door to me and I have chatted with them outside many times before. They are two very interesting and creative young men. When I came outside to visit and brought up the word snow, both of their eyes lit up and they immediately started talking about their plans for when the snow falls. I then asked them what their favorite things to do in the snow were and they both answered, snowball fights of course.

When asked about snowball fights in general, they told me that they sometimes have to bring out some water to mix in with the snow to make a perfect snowball. When I asked why this was, they seemed a little confused at the question, and they just explained that the snow sometimes just doesn't stick together.

The older sibling mentioned that he thought it would be much cooler if he had a gun type toy to shoot the snowballs instead of having to use his arm all the time since it's difficult to throw with all your strength with layers of warm clothing on. They were so excited I also somewhat heard them mention something about carrying the snowballs in their jacket pockets and running back to their safe spot to reload.

The boys also told me that they always build a fort out of the giant snow pile along the driveway that their Dad makes with the snow blower. The younger of the two boys told me it's easy to dig a hole in an already built snow mountain, but it get's destroyed pretty easily.

Overall, my observation of the playful conversation between these two neighbor brothers was so intriguing. They opened my eyes to so many opportunities for new ways to play in the snow. I consider young kids to be experts in snow games since they are the ones engaging in that kind of play most often today.

The two boys need a way to safely build their snowballs, carry them while in combat, and easily be able to launch them at a quick speed!

Interview with Boys

Driveway Snowforts

The second person I interviewed is a Fisheries and Wildlife Major at the U of M and she happens to be a snow lover as well. I asked her to take me back to her snow playing days and she gave me a lot of feedback. She told me that she and her Dad would build the biggest snow fort in their front yard, in fact about 7 feet fall. She said it was a lot easier getting help from her Dad and when it was finished she could fit all her friends inside of it with her. She also mentioned that she would build small chairs and table surfaces made of snow on the inside of her fort as furniture.

This U of M student needs a way to easily build a large fort (without the help of her dad) and a tool to help quickly build snow seating for all her friends!

Student Interview

The last person I spoke to about Winter games was family of a friend, a women living and working in Minneapolis. She told me she loves the city and everything that has to do with it, including winter especially since she doesn't have to drive in it to go to work. On the topic of snow games, the woman laughed and told me she used to love to have snow ball fights with all of her friends but sometimes she remembered the snowballs were icy and a little bit dangerous, especially hits to the face which she mentioned always ended the fun. She also told me she remembered these plastic rectangle cut outs to make blocks out of snow she would use for fort building and chair building. She told me those would come in handy to make a seat sometimes when waiting for the buses in Minneapolis come winter time, sacrificing of course a warm butt.

She needs a way to transport a tool to build snow seats on the go as well, and would also love some kind of protection from dangerous icy snowballs.

Working woman interview

Since I can't technically observe snow games at the moment (no snow on the ground, sadly) I wanted to get myself in the mood so I looked up some videos of Snow fort making, and massive snow ball fights. This one for example was pretty fun to watch

and this one too:

My bug list I know will keep growing, but so far I've just noticed every day things that are just too complicated. There are so many simple solutions that I wish I had the opportunity to change so I documented these. 1. I was sitting in a car and was told there was a USB connector to play music, however I looked and looked and could not find it. I finally had to look in the manual and found that the connection was located inside of the glove box! 2. Kota has a treat that keeps treats inside and he's is supposed to be able to get them out eventually, however. not even I can get them out.... 3. I'm so tired of having to wrap up my power cords all the time and I wish they had a button to wind each side up just like on some vacuums. 4. Sometimes I fry things in a pan and when I'm done using the oil, I have to dispose of it in a can to throw away, however it is incredibly difficult to pour out of a regular skillet, and I wish it had pouring spout. 5. I like the sensor paper towel dispensers in bathrooms however it only dispenses a small portion and then you must wait a little bit to be able to get a new one... 6. I absolutely hate it when the shower curtain blows back at you when taking a shower and I wish there were an easier way to keep it where it is.

Bug List

Assignment 2- Brittni Dye


For this weeks assignment I really wanted to strive towards coming up with great ideas revolving around the winter theme. I love winter so naturally I love everything that has to do with it.
In my mind mapping, I listed everything I could think of when it comes to Winter. I associate myself more with certain things and a lot of them involve the struggles with the cold and the snow.
I realized that there are a lot of problems that can be solved with winter products just by making the mind map and associating different items to each other.
My two subthemes I stuck with was mostly winter warmth and fun in the snow and handy tools that can make winter a little bit more fun and tolerable weather-wise.
Web Mapping Winter

Oh and to get my creativity going, I watched some episodes of my favorite show Parks and Recreation, because they already come up with the funniest and most ridiculous ideas...
Parks and Rec
Right away I thought about crossing some products with the element of light. There are a lot of everyday winter items that would be a lot better if they just had lighting.

My first idea was for a shovel. Personally, I hate shoveling, it's not the most fun event, but even worse is when you're pretty much required to shovel at night or else you're stranded. I thought it would be pretty handy if the shovel had a built in light so night shoveling wouldn't be such a horrible task. I wanted to use the idea of Rudolph the red nose reindeer and his guiding light at Christmas for the shovel idea. I came up with a regular shovel with a built in reindeer head. The eyes and the red glowing nose light the pathways for shoveling.
Reindeer Shovel

My second idea also involved lighting because I know it's very difficult to snowboard at night without something to light your perceived path. I just added lighting to the tops of the goggles because then everywhere you look and turn, your path ahead will be visible which makes it so much easier not to fall on your butt!
Lamp Goggles

My third idea was to help my dog, Kota. He is a little nervous when it comes to walking on snow, he tends to take the path less coated in snow because he will just sink right into it! The only way to prevent that and build up Kota's bravery when snow walking, is using doggy snowshoes. Snowshoes are very helpful when walking above the snow and it would be a lot easier for a non-heavy pooch to use them! I simply drew two pairs of mini snowshoes with velcro straps for adjustment. The weaved base of the snowshoes will also protect Kota's paws from ice and snow in the winter!
Doggie Snowshoes
My fourth idea just involved sledding and candy. I wanted to incorporate the candy cane shape with the perfect sled. In the back of the sled, a compartment to store all your candy to fuel your sledding adventures.
Candy Cane Sled

My fifth idea involved coordinating the dog toy "Chuck-it" with snowball making. Everyone wishes they could make their snowballs for snowball fights a bit faster. I drew up a Snowball Scissors idea with two rounded points to cut the perfect snowball out of a fresh patch of snow. One side can then detach giving it the chuck-it ability.
Snowball Chuck-it Scissors

My sixth idea involved the toy car I used to have when I was a child. You are able to push the car on your own with your feet hanging out the bottom, I thought it would be awesome to have an easier way of rolling out giant balls for making snowballs, so I took the walk-able toy car idea and added almost a bulldozing addition that was rounded at the edges to form the balls for structuring your perfect snowman in minutes!
Snowman Roller

My seventh idea had to do with decorating a Christmas tree. This is always a very time consuming task and not everyone has time to do it. I thought about a blanket, and associated that with the lights and the ornaments. I created a netted blanket of lights with attached ornaments to just simply drape over your tree! Christmas decorating, done!
Ornament Blanket

My eighth idea involved snowpants with boots attached. My toes always get too cold in the winter so I thought having a button activated heat warmer in my boots that trailed up to the pockets of my snowpants would be handy dandy in the winter!
Warm pants boot combo

My ninth idea was for building snow forts. I always thought it was dangerous to just have the snow covering you considering if you did anything wrong you would just be buried inside afterwards. I thought that if you could use a tent like plastic shell to mount to the ground that had a textured material on the outside, it can be used as a base to build the snow fort around! Safety guaranteed.
Snow Fort Base

For my last (tenth) idea I thought about the many students at the university who walk around campus with headphones on. I thought about adding a ear muff-hat combo attachment that would snap and fit around your headphones but still be able to keep your head nice and warm in the winter.
Headphone Ear muff

Assignment 1- Brittni Dye


This week's assignment involved baking, which is enough for me to get incredibly excited. I am an avid baker and it's something I do just about every week. Our assignment however was to create your own unique cookie. Right away, plenty of thoughts came to my head but I knew I wanted to use candy, to be specific, my favorite candy; sour patch kids.I had also thought about making a tres leche based cookie with cinnamon toast crunch inside or some other kind of cereal to make a breakfast cookie. I also thought about different pies I could somehow make into a cookie, key lime pie to be specific would be delicious. I wanted to go with the sour patch kids idea however because I thought it correlated well with the different flavors of the jello AND the sour patch kids. Since the sour patch kids are different colors I thought I should make the cookies colorful as well so it doesn't seem too disgusting (with a brown cookie base). I knew that I sometimes use jello pudding mixes in cookies to make them very moist but I wanted more flavor and keep the fluffy moist texture.

I decided to use various flavors/colors of gelatin inside of my sugar based cookies. I used blue, which is berry blast flavor, and pink, which is the cherry lemonade flavor, purple, which is grape, and green, which is lime.

The recipe I made up based on what I know about baking but roughly it goes a little something like this...

I mix 6 tablespoons of softened butter with 1/4 cup of sugar and half the package of gelatin. I then add one egg, and 1/2 tsp. of Vanilla. For the dry ingredients in a separate bowl I mixed 1 1/4 Cup flour, 1/2 tsp. Baking powder, and 1/2 tsp salt. I slowly added the dry ingredients to the wet until it came to a really fluffy texture which I was happy with!

I then rolled the dough into inch balls and rolled in sugar for some extra flavoring just like I do for regular sugar cookies, and then flattened them a little so they cook through. Needless to say, the vibrant colors made me a little hesitant but after I placed the sour patch kids in the center of each cookie I knew they had to be delicious. I then baked at 400 degrees for 6-8 minutes!

After eating my first batch of cookies I thought that the sour patch kid candy really made it taste better, I started to put more sour patch kids on the cookies but noticed that with the grape flavored cookies I tried this technique with, it flattened them too much and they became a little overcooked. The other flavors however I thought were delicious!

They turned out exactly how I wanted to and it really inspired me to use many more ideas for baking in the future. Let's just say, this won't be the only interesting cookie I attempt to make!












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