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This week's assignment involved baking, which is enough for me to get incredibly excited. I am an avid baker and it's something I do just about every week. Our assignment however was to create your own unique cookie. Right away, plenty of thoughts came to my head but I knew I wanted to use candy, to be specific, my favorite candy; sour patch kids.I had also thought about making a tres leche based cookie with cinnamon toast crunch inside or some other kind of cereal to make a breakfast cookie. I also thought about different pies I could somehow make into a cookie, key lime pie to be specific would be delicious. I wanted to go with the sour patch kids idea however because I thought it correlated well with the different flavors of the jello AND the sour patch kids. Since the sour patch kids are different colors I thought I should make the cookies colorful as well so it doesn't seem too disgusting (with a brown cookie base). I knew that I sometimes use jello pudding mixes in cookies to make them very moist but I wanted more flavor and keep the fluffy moist texture.

I decided to use various flavors/colors of gelatin inside of my sugar based cookies. I used blue, which is berry blast flavor, and pink, which is the cherry lemonade flavor, purple, which is grape, and green, which is lime.

The recipe I made up based on what I know about baking but roughly it goes a little something like this...

I mix 6 tablespoons of softened butter with 1/4 cup of sugar and half the package of gelatin. I then add one egg, and 1/2 tsp. of Vanilla. For the dry ingredients in a separate bowl I mixed 1 1/4 Cup flour, 1/2 tsp. Baking powder, and 1/2 tsp salt. I slowly added the dry ingredients to the wet until it came to a really fluffy texture which I was happy with!

I then rolled the dough into inch balls and rolled in sugar for some extra flavoring just like I do for regular sugar cookies, and then flattened them a little so they cook through. Needless to say, the vibrant colors made me a little hesitant but after I placed the sour patch kids in the center of each cookie I knew they had to be delicious. I then baked at 400 degrees for 6-8 minutes!

After eating my first batch of cookies I thought that the sour patch kid candy really made it taste better, I started to put more sour patch kids on the cookies but noticed that with the grape flavored cookies I tried this technique with, it flattened them too much and they became a little overcooked. The other flavors however I thought were delicious!

They turned out exactly how I wanted to and it really inspired me to use many more ideas for baking in the future. Let's just say, this won't be the only interesting cookie I attempt to make!













I like how you chose to use candy in your cookie, and how the sugar coating kind of mirrors the coating on the Sugar Patch Kids. It might have been cool to use an ingredient in the cookie dough besides just the Jello to see how it would have turned out, but your recipe was still pretty innovative! I also liked how much process work you showed. I did also kind of want to see what other ideas you had besides just the candy one.

You have great pictures of the entire process of making your cookies! I didn't get to try them, but they certainly look delicious. It was great to hear that you learned some new things (or were inspired to try new things). What new things are you thinking to try? What, specifically about this project, did you take away and will use in the future?

I would have liked to see more about why you chose the cookie you picked. Did you do any research online? I didn't when I made my cookie. Did you have any other ideas? How creative would you rank your own cookie? What were some other ways you could have made the cookie more innovative? After I made my cookies (and wrote my first ever blog post) I quickly learned things I should have done and will include in further assignments. Maybe separate the photos with descriptions for next time.

Great job!

You have a wonderfully descriptive process. It would be a little clearer if the pictures were near text related to the image. I would suggest including ideas that didn't work or something that lead you to choose this particular cookie combination. Did you have any thoughts on why the grape flavor did not turn out as well? I'm not sure that placing more candies on them would cause them to become overcooked - you could explain that a little bit more.

I tested these cookies and they were delicious! Using jello in the dough is something that I have not heard of before (and I am an avid baker as well). Your use of color in your innovative cookie is something that we did not really see in other cookies displayed. I'm glad you explored that aspect as well as flavor and texture.

Including ideas that did not work would be beneficial to the creative process - making mistakes is often how we discover new things! This design is creative, but it is also "safe". Don't be afraid to screw up!

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