Assignment 2- Brittni Dye


For this weeks assignment I really wanted to strive towards coming up with great ideas revolving around the winter theme. I love winter so naturally I love everything that has to do with it.
In my mind mapping, I listed everything I could think of when it comes to Winter. I associate myself more with certain things and a lot of them involve the struggles with the cold and the snow.
I realized that there are a lot of problems that can be solved with winter products just by making the mind map and associating different items to each other.
My two subthemes I stuck with was mostly winter warmth and fun in the snow and handy tools that can make winter a little bit more fun and tolerable weather-wise.
Web Mapping Winter

Oh and to get my creativity going, I watched some episodes of my favorite show Parks and Recreation, because they already come up with the funniest and most ridiculous ideas...
Parks and Rec
Right away I thought about crossing some products with the element of light. There are a lot of everyday winter items that would be a lot better if they just had lighting.

My first idea was for a shovel. Personally, I hate shoveling, it's not the most fun event, but even worse is when you're pretty much required to shovel at night or else you're stranded. I thought it would be pretty handy if the shovel had a built in light so night shoveling wouldn't be such a horrible task. I wanted to use the idea of Rudolph the red nose reindeer and his guiding light at Christmas for the shovel idea. I came up with a regular shovel with a built in reindeer head. The eyes and the red glowing nose light the pathways for shoveling.
Reindeer Shovel

My second idea also involved lighting because I know it's very difficult to snowboard at night without something to light your perceived path. I just added lighting to the tops of the goggles because then everywhere you look and turn, your path ahead will be visible which makes it so much easier not to fall on your butt!
Lamp Goggles

My third idea was to help my dog, Kota. He is a little nervous when it comes to walking on snow, he tends to take the path less coated in snow because he will just sink right into it! The only way to prevent that and build up Kota's bravery when snow walking, is using doggy snowshoes. Snowshoes are very helpful when walking above the snow and it would be a lot easier for a non-heavy pooch to use them! I simply drew two pairs of mini snowshoes with velcro straps for adjustment. The weaved base of the snowshoes will also protect Kota's paws from ice and snow in the winter!
Doggie Snowshoes
My fourth idea just involved sledding and candy. I wanted to incorporate the candy cane shape with the perfect sled. In the back of the sled, a compartment to store all your candy to fuel your sledding adventures.
Candy Cane Sled

My fifth idea involved coordinating the dog toy "Chuck-it" with snowball making. Everyone wishes they could make their snowballs for snowball fights a bit faster. I drew up a Snowball Scissors idea with two rounded points to cut the perfect snowball out of a fresh patch of snow. One side can then detach giving it the chuck-it ability.
Snowball Chuck-it Scissors

My sixth idea involved the toy car I used to have when I was a child. You are able to push the car on your own with your feet hanging out the bottom, I thought it would be awesome to have an easier way of rolling out giant balls for making snowballs, so I took the walk-able toy car idea and added almost a bulldozing addition that was rounded at the edges to form the balls for structuring your perfect snowman in minutes!
Snowman Roller

My seventh idea had to do with decorating a Christmas tree. This is always a very time consuming task and not everyone has time to do it. I thought about a blanket, and associated that with the lights and the ornaments. I created a netted blanket of lights with attached ornaments to just simply drape over your tree! Christmas decorating, done!
Ornament Blanket

My eighth idea involved snowpants with boots attached. My toes always get too cold in the winter so I thought having a button activated heat warmer in my boots that trailed up to the pockets of my snowpants would be handy dandy in the winter!
Warm pants boot combo

My ninth idea was for building snow forts. I always thought it was dangerous to just have the snow covering you considering if you did anything wrong you would just be buried inside afterwards. I thought that if you could use a tent like plastic shell to mount to the ground that had a textured material on the outside, it can be used as a base to build the snow fort around! Safety guaranteed.
Snow Fort Base

For my last (tenth) idea I thought about the many students at the university who walk around campus with headphones on. I thought about adding a ear muff-hat combo attachment that would snap and fit around your headphones but still be able to keep your head nice and warm in the winter.
Headphone Ear muff


I love your ideas! And good choice for the fun activity, Parks and Rec is a great show! You did a great job of identifying problems and finding solutions. This made your thought process very clear. The Rudolph shovel is my favorite idea because it's really cute and it solves the problem of not being able to see well when shoveling at night. Also, your mind map is visually appealing. But, I did get a little lost looking for the subthemes. Maybe you could've colored the subthemes so they stand out more. The only other thing I can think of is scan your images or take clearer photos and edit them. The first few are pretty blurry which makes it harder to read the text on them.

Brittni, these are some good ideas.

Snow Play is fun:
I have a couple dogs, and when the snow crusts over, the little one (20lb.) can walk on top but the bigger one (30 lb.) falls through. He could use the Doggie Snowshoes, though he likes to dig around in the snow.

The Snowball Scissors are another great idea for pet play in the snow. It is a good adaption of an existing product. Maybe they could be fashioned so that they work with tennis balls in the summer, but mold snowballs in the winter.

Formatting criticism:
The design of the page could use some conscious formatting to improve the appearance and increase legibility.

Adding headings and an extra line space between a heading and a paragraph will help the reader find new sections.

You can use HTML formatting to add bold and larger font sizes. Try adding before your headings and after.

Some of the pictures were out of focus. Try bracing your elbow against a stable surface when making an image with your phone.

Warm Winter Clothing:
The electronic clothing for heated pants and boots and headphone earmuffs seem like natural products. I wouldn't mind a heated snowsuit for getting to school in winter. The hat-ear muff combo would be great because ear-buds get real cold. Maybe they can plug in tot he power supply for the heated pants.

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