Assignment 4- Brittni Dye


Blue Sky Brainstorming, the topic of this week's assignment got me really excited. During the lecture I thought that the process we went through when brainstorming was very efficient and I believe the group I was in came up with a lot of really awesome ideas. Right away I was excited to see what I could come up with in my own brainstorming session, especially since my theme is a pretty fun one!

I contacted a few of my friends to see if they would want to be apart of a creative brainstorming session, they all were excited to help and I informed them of the theme and the "How might we" questions. When we got together they all had lists of ideas and were all very anxious to explain. Some were explaining that they were unsure whether or not they should come up with things that were already made, but I reassured them that it didn't matter if the idea is already established because we can use them to build off of other ideas. I also brought along the list of "How might we" questions to remind them of what our main goal of the brainstorming was.
How Might We questions

The games we played were also really fun, especially because I had Hershey Kisses for everyone to snack on preparing for the brainstorming. The first game is Yes and... The same one we played in class building off a silly idea with confidence. It got to be so hilarious we just had to move on to the next one. I used the idea of the motion making and naming what you're doing around in a circle. I called it Listen, I'm a... Where you make a random noise and yell everyone what it is, then the whole group has to repeat the sound for support. This also caused many many laughs and ultimately made for a really fun time with my friends. Creativity Games

After we warmed up our thinking caps I had small pieces of paper and sharpies for sketching ideas and the brainstorming began. During the brainstorming I had a random word list for them to pull ideas from and then suggested designing with a certain character in mind. After all the brainstorming was over I had them vote for their favorite ideas by just drawing stars on them.

Our top ten ideas were;
1. The Snowball Sling-to carry snowballs on the go
2. Mr. Potato Head-like pieces for Snowman building
3. Inflatable sphere sled with steering Rutter.
4. Snow catapult - with spring action
5. ATW wheelchair- helping handicapped kids enjoy the snow.
6. Giant animal Snow Mold - form snow piles at end of driveway into giant elephants!
7. Stackable Snow Lego's - build anything out of snow
8. Snow chair- foldable in the go form to build a snow chair
9. Fort Base builder - plastic safe base to pack snoe onto, has snowball shooters activated from interior.
10. Lobster Claws - attachment for gloves to easily hold onto tow ropes up a snow hill.
ideas 1
ideas 2
ideas 4
ideas 5
ideas 6
Brainstorming fun!


I'd have to agree with you that you were very fortunate to get a topic that is as much fun as yours. I'm sure the people who engaged in your brainstorming session had tons of fun with it.

I really like the design of your blog. You incorporated enough pictures where it wasn't overpowering but just enough to accent the blog. I also thought your pictures of the products were very bright and colorful which really caught my eye. I would've just made the last picture brighter and it would have been perfect. I think you also organized it very well. It was very clear where the different areas of the assignment were in your blog.

Your group came up with some really great ideas. My personally favorites were the snow painting brushes and the snow legos. Both of those products would be so much fun!

In conclusion very nice job documenting your process. The only things I would change would be perhaps including a picture with the other members of your session and maybe one of them engaging in the improvisation games. Also maybe including a brief description of each of your friends so we had a little bit of background information on them as well.

Your topic is very fun and it seems like an exciting topic to improve.

On thing I'd suggest to improve is for the final ten idea, it is a little overwhelming to look at one giant picture of all the ideas. So I'd suggest splitting them up into separate pictures.

Also, since I have not read any other posts on your topic, I wasn't sure what it was so mentioning it in the beginning of your post would be a good idea.

The game that you made up is an interesting twist on the Yes and... game.

I, too, am envious of your sub-theme! Playing in the snow is one of my favorite childhood memories. It looks as though your group had a fun time in the brainstorming session. I think one thing that could have improved this post would have been to include a description of the participants' backgrounds -- if they are fellow students then what they are studying, what their interests are, etc. It helps give the reader an idea as to the feel of the group and what various experiences they might bring to the session. I enjoyed reading about the games you played, but thought that your images could have been a little more clear and a little brighter. This is something fairly easily done in photo editing software like Photoshop which you could find on most campus lab computers. Another nitpicky thing would be to not include the background in the image photos (i.e. the carpet when you have the pictures laid out). But overall I thought it looked like you had a good time with the assignment. I look forward to seeing what comes out of it!

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