Assignment 7-Brittni Dye


Idea Selection and Pitch

For this week's assignment we're really narrowing down our products to one idea and running with it. The first step in doing so involves making a Pugh chart to really weigh out the benefits of different factors on a the product. I started to think about all the elements of my Ultimate Snow Fort Builder and thought that it may all be too much. I separated all the different elements of the Snow Fort from my original idea and I weighed the Rate of going material for element, the cost of that material in comparison to the others, the"holding" element of it to make sure the entire fort is secure and safe, and finally the effort it takes added in with each element. I made my benchmark element of the whole product the strong plastic textured form since this is the base and most important part of the idea; to be able to use it as a base and actual snow can be packed on (so it's got camo in the snow).

Pugh Chart
Pugh Chart

Product Name

Next it's time to come up with a great product name for the Snow Fort. I for sure wanted to go with the idea of making the product actually come with two somewhat smaller bases for a personal snow fort, that way they are already set up for a fair battle and customers knowing that this already comes with two will make them even more inclined to buy it.

So because of this, I decided to focus more on the "battling" aspect of snowball fighting with forts. I started to do some research on words that have anything to do with igloos, snowball fights, snow forts, and snowballs. I thought this may lead me in a creative direction to coming up with a name. I started to realize that this was approaching it too literally, and there really aren't any other words to describe the most simple one; snow fort.

I also started to connect the shelter aspect of the product with a dome shape since that's basically what it looks like before the snow covers it. Therefore, I decided to call my product;


The version that has the snow shooter and snowball storage is called;

Sno-Dome Combat



I loved the details in your blog post. There were a lot of insights from you in this blog, which I thought was great.
I thought the name of the product was interesting, the play on the words was fun and made a clear idea on what is the function of the product.
One suggestion I have would be when taking a photo of your pugh chart, it's better to avoid that strong highlight on the paper. It was a little bit hard for the viewers to see.

So your blog looks very clean and neat and it is very cute that you even designed your Pugh Chart! Your name finding process is very detailed, and I think Igloome Combat is your final product name?
Because your blog seems like unfinished, and I cannot find your video presentation anywhere either, so I am not able to offer any comments on presentation. But I do like your basic set up and I believe after you finish your post, it will be a great ending assignment!
Have a great winter breat,

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