January 17, 2005

Naturalization papers

Petition for Naturalization detail
My cousin Judi obtained copies of our great grandfather's naturalization papers. According to the Petition for Naturalization, Joseph Mazon was born in 1879 in Kamencan, Hungary. That village is known today as Kamenicany, and in the western part of Slovakia. Towns in that part of Europe have a variety of names, depending on which government was in control at any given time. The Hungarian name for Kamenicany is Piechov.

According to the same document, Mary Mazon was born in Dolna Suca, Hungary, which is also in present-day Slovakia, just a few miles away from Kamenicany.

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January 14, 2005

Starting out

This is the first of what should be a whole bunch of postings about tracing my family genealogy. I am currently researching my great grandparents, Joseph and Mary Mazon. Born in northwestern Hungary, in what is now Slovakia, they emigrated to America in 1903 and settled in West Alllis, Wisconsin.

Emigrants who arrived between 1892 and 1924 passed through the Ellis Island Immigration Station in New York. You can search the passenger arrival records at the Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Foundation website. You'll want to create a free user account so you can view the records.

Once you become familiar with the records at the Ellis Island website, you might want to try the One Step search forms at the website of Stephen P. Morse. Dr. Morse has created some ingenious forms that allow fast, efficient searching of the Ellis Island database.

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