Nostalgia, Politics and the (In)-voluntary Exile of an Incorrigible Romantic: Xu Xu's Postwar Writings from Hong Kong

This talk explores the fiction of one of Republican China's most popular authors after his forced exile to Hong Kong in the wake of the founding of the PRC. By reading Xu Xu's (1908-1980) Hong Kong fiction in the context of Romantic nostalgia, I will first challenge conventional notions about cause and effect of nostalgia and emigre identity of Chinese writers in exile. I will then briefly comment on the extent to which Xu's Romanticism influenced a younger generation of Hong Kong writers and filmmakers.

Presenter: Frederik Green, Assistant Professor, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, Macalester College

Date: December 8, Tuesday

Time: 3:30-5pm

Location: 710 Social Sciences West Bank, UMN

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