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Advanced advance writing

Really, what does a book published by a world-famous comedian have to do with Milwaukee? Well, the Milwaukee Journal Setinel, and writer Eugene Kane believe that the several shows Bill Cosby played, and the "Call Out Tour" that lead him to give a speech in North Division High School in northern Milwaukee tie him and his story to the city. Even enough to do an advance of his book.

Cosby's book, "Come on, People: On the Path From Victims to Victors," co-written by Harvard psychiatrist Alvin F. Poussain, is a work that embodies his take-responsibilty attitude toward urban black life.

I thought that this was a great article to analyze because it goes against the grain of advances. The author was very involved with Bill Cosby's speech at North Division, and even wrote an argument against his speech in the Journal Sentinel in 2004. The other interesting thing, is that this story has quotes straight from the author of the book, not from the publisher or friends and family of the author. This gives the story a very personal feel.