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Diversity, cultural speech

Through two stories in the Startriune, I can see how a reporter tried to capture some of the cultural aspects of an individual's speech. Using a quote saying, "You all better clear out because I am gonna come back and shoot this party up," reporter Terry Collins tries to capture the ebonics of a youth Amfrican American culture in print. This is really difficult to do.


Most reporters just tend to paraphrase this kind of material because it is extremely difficult to put in ways that an audience will understand. But Collins does a great job.

Another example of this kind of reporting is Choa Xiong reporting just a day after Vernice Hall's shooting, quoting Steve Hall, her father: "I seen my baby lying on the ground," he said as he hung his head low and tears welled up in his eyes. "Our hearts are just ... I'm angry and I'm trying to be understanding, man."


I wanted to put these two examples in this special entry because I believe that it is possible to be culturally accurate through speech and not be incomplete or improper. Instead, this kind of writing actually increases the personality of he story. I get a deep connection to these people and their hardships.