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Farve: King or Jester?

Coming from Wisconsin, sitting on the couch with my Frat borthers was a thrilling experience today watching my hero get the Touch Down pass record today. Brett Farve of the Green Bay Packers surpaseed Dan Marino today as the NFL's leading quarter back in touch down receptions with 421 according to the Pioneer Press. http://www.twincities.com/

I didn't really have to sight that, because I watched the game, but it sure is nice to be legitimate.

The fact that I will have to bring out of my own experience though, is how close Farve is to setting another, less popularized record: most career interceptions according to the Star Tribune. Farve right now is three away from also topping that list, something no one can be proud of. Or should they?

Something must be said for George Blanda, the current interception reccord holder, because he threw the ball enough times to get that record. More like, his coaches allowed him to throw the ball that many times, even after his repeated failures. And, that is what makes a hall of famer, a play who exhibits greatness for an impressive amount of time.

Will I be less proud of Farve when he tops the list of career interceptions? No. I will think him even more a human being, a great human bing.