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gopher's get bonked

This is a cool way to blog. Let's see how correct the newspaper columnists can be at predicting football games.

It is now common knowledge that the Gopher Football team is not having a ribbon year. The Daily points to this by nothing the injuries in the offensive running game and the two interceptions Gopher quarterback Adam Webber came off of his last match-up with. It also notes that the quarterback from Northwestern had a school record the week before with 520 yards.In other words, the Daily wasn't too optimistic.

But, even in light of all of these stats, the Gophers preformed really well on Saturday. They got up 35-14 on Northwestern even though they were the far underdogs in the match. However, the result was what the Daily had "predicted", Webber threw 4 touchdowns and ran one in himself, basically playing without a run game.

According to the Pioneer Press, Coach Tim Brewster put the weight on Webber's shoulders as he was supposed to throw the game winning two-point conversion in the second overtime. A very gutsy move considering that a fieldgoal would have tied. It seems that this would have put the season in a new perspective for the Gophers, but either way. they continue completely defeated in the Big 10.