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Kasparov blocked

Because the Other Russia Party doesn't qualify as a "party" , the greatest chess player in world history, Gary Kasparov and another candidates will not be able to run because of new Russian laws, according to the BBC.

According to the Star Tribune, the new policies that Putin established while in office has given his party United Russia a true dominance of the Parliament. His party will be overwhelming in the Parliament and other qualified officials, not in United Russia won't get a shot at a seat.

My beef, I guess, is that possibly the world's most brilliant and creative man, who has proven to be very politically involved, has been blocked from participating in the ultimate end to politics, and that possibly Putin is creating a stronghold to invoke his policies in the Parliament and take most of the power from the disillusioned people of Russia who have been living much better since the end of communism.


without being cynical, one can safely say 'power does what it wants to do'. until non-russians are given a active voice in russian politics that even russians do not have, world will have to be a silent spectator. russia is too powerfula country to take notes from the rest of the world. thanks to high energy prices.