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Light rail, a heavy cost

Well, two simultaneous projects are running for the light rail commission boards and one seems to be getting off the ground, and that other that wants to get off the ground can't.

The 40 mile Northstar line, running from Minneapolis to Big Lake got federal approval for funding. The Office of Management and Budget and the Federal Transit Adminstration approved the rail line's $156.8-million request Thursday night, according to the Star Tribune.

Another project, which would connect downtown St. Paul to downtown Minneapolis, entitiled Central COrridor, would end up costing the state of Minnesota about $900 millioin, One major cost is the retrofitting of the Washington Bridge, which would have to be closed down, halting 20,000 cars and all of the U of M students walking across it daily. According to the Pioneer Press, the light rail would be elevated on top of the bridge.

I think that this is poor planning on the state, and cities' part. Obviously the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis should be connected in every way posible, and cities like Chicago and New York have benefitted greatly from their elevated trains, but shutting down this bridge would immobilize the University of Minnesota.