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New ways, and marketing stradegies to beat infertility

One in 10 couples in the united states is infertile. That is a well established fact, and physicians and companies have noticed this and ran with it.

There are now brand new ways, and marketing stradegies for companies to birth the babe.

The Star Tribune ran a story about a couple from Wisconsin who paid $25,000 for Invitro fertilization. The Strib reports, "For them, it was the guarantee that did it. "If not, then it would be a lot of money," Greg Fox said." The hospital the Fox family chose to receive the operation from had a money back gaurantee.


Besides Invitro fertilization, there are other new ways to combat infertility. The New York Times reported that , "American Society for Reproductive Medicine issued a list of warnings that it says women considering the expensive procedure must be given to ensure they make an informed choice." The Times reported that only 500 frozen and thawed eggs have produced birth compared to 200,000 births from frozen embryos. For the average woman, who would like to have her eggs frozen in her youth and use them in the case of her being infertile later, the ASRM argues against its current effectiveness.