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No more children's cough medicine

According to the Washington Post, "The Food and Drug Administration panel voted 13 to 9 to recommend against the use of the products for children in that age group after concluding overwhelmingly that there was insufficient evidence the long-used remedies worked in youngsters." This came after a panel brought this topic up for discussion after years of research. The FDA now says that the drugs shouldn't be used for people younger than six- a complete ban of over-the-counter cough medicine to children six and younger. The Post says that this is in conjunction with the opinion that parents use the drugs as sedatives so that their children (6 and above) can sleep at night and that without them, parents have few options for how to treat these symptoms.

This ban will not take effect today however. The FDA can only immediately remove drugs if they pose a threat to society, and, because these drugs have been proven safe, it may take years for these drungs to leave shelves, according to the New York Times.