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Putting out a fire

An article about the California fires is really not about the fires at all. Tamera Jones, a writer for the Washington Post, uses the fire to write about how mutual tragic experiences have the power to bond people together. The neighborhood she writes about was distant and the residents were cool to each other, but now they care for each others safety. She talks about how a group of neighbors had rarely very socialized, but now, after consoling and helping each other, want to group-bid on the contractors who will rebuild their homes.

The New York Times took a different spin on house rebuilding. According to the Times, "In the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, the Federal Emergency Management Agency paid out an estimated $1 billion in fraudulent or improper claims, according to Congressional investigators, more than 15 percent of all the aid it distributed to individuals." The Times analyzed the new FEMA regulations that require inspectors to visit every residence to prove that people need assistance, which means that the 158 FEMA inspectors in the area will be busy for a long time, checking out the 2,000 ruined houses.