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Scalping crackdown

After seeing the troubles with the "Hanna Montana" concert, and a lack of students in the stands, the University of Minnesota is cracking down on ticket scalping. They are now enorcing that only the people who bought the ticket enter with it, completely illiminating student ticket scalping. Accrding to the Daily, the Univeristy wanted a better student repepresentation, and just just allumni with a U card. http://www.mndaily.com/articles/2007/10/26/72164116

Since the U owns the rights to all of those tickets, and the students buy most of them, they can be regulated. But for a larger venue without student differentiation, scalpers have the upper hand. The Star Tribune reported that scalpers have the online advantage and softwear that helps them pick up tickets once they are released.

Since, however, the only way to get tickets is to buy them in Mariuchi, and pick them up there, I don't foresee many ticket problems for the Gopher Hockey Team.