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a rising star and a fallen star

The marathon is mysterious, and so are the choices reporters make in reporting on the tragedy and the accomplishment of the sport.

Two very newsworthy events occurred at this year's US Olympic Trials.First, a hero emerged as possibly the most outstanding American runner of our time, and another hero died on the race course.

Ryan Shay, 28 was diagnosed with a large heart when he was fourteen, according to the AP. This is a condition which my friend was told would negatively influence his performance. But, endurance athletes like swimmers and runners actually benefit from larger hearts which increase their capacity to perform at higher intensities for longer periods of time. It isn't metaphorical, runners just have the biggest hearts.

Shay's friend and training partner, Ryan Hall ran past him early in the race, and according to the New York Times, saw him one last time as his ambulance passed him in its way to the hospital. Hall, who was trying out for the olympics for his first time, is already the American record holder in the half marathon and the Marathon. In fact, he won the Olympic try-outs in a time faster than the professionals at the New York Marathon ran the following day.

Hall says he is dedicating his Olympic race to Shay.