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Bush's Veto Overrided

This is a very interesting parallel between these two awesome news sources. It is examples like this that allow me to think that origonal work can be completed by two different journalists with the same information, and both can be right.

The New York Times took Bush's over-ridded veto as a sign of the rising power of the Democrats in congress, and how from here until he leaves office, President George Bush will have difficulty overcoming Democrat bills on the homefront, and this could be devistating for the Republican Party. The bill heard round the world was a provision to provide funding for water projects around the country, including projects in areas Hurricane Katrina devastated.

The Washington Post took this a completely different direction. The Post analyzed the breakdown of the Republican Party, and the small number of people actually behind their commander in chief. The Post points to the newly passed Domestic Spending Bill, and how it is only three votes away from being veto-proof, meaning that if it were to come back after Bush negates it, it would almost surely be passed in the House and Senate.

The Post also mentioned that Republican leaders said that they will rally support and keep most people behind the president in his domestic policies, but they admitted that many may break from the white house. When the party admits this, you know it is losing support.