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Human Error, Cited...but not communicated

If I were sailing a boat, I would try to avoid bridges. But, I would also try to gather a crew that spoke in my native language, or at least one I could understand.

The story of the Cosco Busan, is one of miscommunication. The New York Times reported, "Cmdr. Andrew Wood said “the mere fact that they collided with a fixed object� offered clear evidence that a communication problem had occurred."

Yup, the boat hit the bridge.

But how could this be? And how could the New York Times miss the elephant standing in the room?
The Captain Cosco Busan, is English-speaking. His crew is not. Yet the Washington Post reported, "A language barrier between the vessel's pilot, Capt. John Cota, and the ship's all-Chinese crew was not likely a factor in the crash, since the ship's captain and officers are required to speak English, officials said." Just by including this in the story leads me to believe that the Washington Post and I are on the same level. The communication broke down because a Captain couldn't speak to his crew.