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Accomplice to a Crime

Sometimes the crime is severe, and sometimes it is inconsequential. The common thread, is that people need to be aware of the consequences of their actions at all times. This means that anything you posses, can and will be used against you if you have acquaintances that don't uphold the law.

A sad story, but a great example, the New York Times reported on a man who borrowed his car to a friend who drove to a house and killed a woman during a botched drug deal. The man who owned the car, because of a United States law, is held responsible for this murder. He is an accomplice.

This is serious. This Florida man will serve life for allowing a friend to borrow his car. Did he know that his friend would kill someone that night? No, and neither did the man who committed murder, but this doesn't clear either of their records.

On a less serious note, Youtube has foiled two other criminals in China who abused products at work and posted a video of their mishaps on the Internet video site. The camera man knew exactly what he was doing, and even premeditatedly put the video on the Internet where almost 50,000 people watched it, including the restaurant's owners. This smells of an accomplice to crime. The first case does not.

This issue wares on me every weekend intertwining responsibility and partying. Because of U.S. statutes, I am responsible of the actions of anyone who I give alcohol to. Minors or adults, if someone gets a drink from me, I am responsible for the murders and suicides-on the more grave end-to the traffic violations they commit.

Who is at fault in these situations? Who is to blame?

That is a scary thought. I wo