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Bus Lisences and C.A.R.

"More than 2,000 minivans and passenger vehicles carry special education and other students in Minnesota every year..." how did Jim Adams and Pam Louwagie at the Star Tribune find that out? One man, Glen Howatt, and a whole lot of number crunching. Howatt, the editor and computer assisted reporting specialist at the Strib wondered, just how many of Minnesota's children ride in these vans and whether they are under the same scrutiny as traditional school bus drivers.

Howatt found something shocking, "the only requirement for their drivers is to have a valid regular driver's license.

In a workshop, Howatt explained that he looked up the licenses that the state issued to these van drivers and he compared them to licenses required by the state to drive a school bus. Scanning through the drivers license database brought the issue to light, how accountable are the people driving our children to school?