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Conditions in Iraq

The New York Times opens up its argument for Iraq corruption in the lead of its latest story on the country, "Jobless men pay $500 bribes to join the police. Families build houses illegally on government land, carwashers steal water from public pipes, and nearly everything the government buys or sells can now be found on the black market." These, and other crimes lead to Iraq being ranked 3rd most corrupt country in the world according to Transparency International, which is a group that publishes the corruption list annually.


In northern Iraq things haven't gotten better under U.S. control either. Turkish troops recently killed 30 members of what they claimed were a terrorist organization. The BBC reports, "As many as 3,000 PKK members are believed to be based inside northern Iraq. Turkey has accused the local Kurdish authorities of supporting them, our correspondent says."


Corruption reigns, and a war is being fought in the north: two pieces of bad news for the United States who originally came in to stop both.