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Getting wet is still a winter sport

Part of being MN nice is admitting when someone else has the upper hand. The Star Tribune did a feature on the different indoor waterparks in Wisconsin Dells. The waterpark capital of the world has some incredible hotel/waterpaks, including the largest indoor waterpark, and creative integration of adult and kid fun.

The Great Wolf lodge is definitely on the higher end of hotels in the Dells, But besides its lavish suites, conference rooms and gigantic outdoor waterpark, the GWL also boasts a very popular indoor waterpark.

Complete with a 12-level children's play area and "a water tower that dumps 1,000 gallons of water every few minutes on anyone below." Besides the 78,000 squarefoot indoor park, the GWL has an arcade for the kids and the Loose Moose restaurant and bar for the adults.

The Kalihari, also famous for its waterpark, integrates the adult watering hole with the kiddy pool. The Kalihari has fancy cafes, a large bar, and in-suite jacuzzi rooms, perfect for the kid with a credit card and a B mer. The Kalihari has the largest indoor waterpark in the United States, 125,000 square feet.

I recently stayed at the Kalihari and loved it. This feature really interested me, because the Strib wasn't biased toward waterparks in this area, but gave a good, news-true description.